Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can become a member? 
A. All member moms must live in ZIP Code 20176 or Waterford, and choose to stay at home with their child(ren). Our definition of "staying at home" means that you either stay home full-time, work part-time outside of the home, or have your own home-based business.  However, MOMS Club is most beneficial for SAHMs because of the timing of all the activities, which occur during the day.

Q. Are there age requirements for my child(ren)? 
A. No, there are no age restrictions. Some moms will join immediately after giving birth to their first child.  Others may have one or more older children. You don't have to leave the group when your children enter school (we know you still need support as your children grow!). However, the majority of the children in our chapter tend to be between the ages of 0 and 7.

Q. After I join, will I be required to do anything specific? 
A. There is a membership packet to complete and an annual dues payment of $25 to join.  After that, as long as you maintain your dues of $25 per year, there are no other requirements, although we hope you will make the most of your membership by getting involved in service projects, playgroups, or attending events right away. Once you and your child make friends, we feel certain you'll want to participate as much as possible.

Q. I'm home during the summer, is it possible to join just for the summer?

A. Yes! We offer a summer membership for $10.  This membership allows you to join us for all activities (playgroups, outings, Moms Night Out, etc.) during the months of June, July, and August.  If you love your time with us and want to stay for the full year, we'll apply your $10 dues payment to the $25 annual dues payment.  


Q. I am currently a member of a MOMS Club® chapter in my hometown, but will soon be moving to Leesburg. Can my dues transfer to you? 
A. We're really sorry, but International MOMS Club® does not allow transfers. You'll have to join our chapter as a new member and pay $25.  Additionally, you can only officially belong to one chapter at a time, so you will not be able to renew your membership at your old chapter after you move to Leesburg. 

Q. How do the playgroups work? 
A. When you join, you will be asked whether you'd like your child to be part of a weekly playgroup or not. If you say yes, our Playgroup Coordinator will do her best to place you and your child in a group with other children in the same age bracket. You are welcome to bring older or younger siblings to the playgroup, and you can join more than one playgroup if you have more than one child. Playgroups meet once a week on a day and time that suits the participants best.  Upon joining the chapter, each mom agrees to abide by our Playgroup Rules, which have been formed to protect both the members and the hosting moms. 

Q. What if I live in a really small apartment and don't feel I have room for the entire playgroup?
A. We understand the concern over small spaces.  Often times our playgroups are small enough this is not a concern.  If you still feel your space is not big enough, you are welcome to "host" a playgroup at a local playground, the library, or other similar kid-friendly gathering space.  

Q. Where do you meet? 
A. All-Member Meetings (AMMs) take place once a month, typically at Rust Library.  Playgroups usually take place at a member's home.  Other activities/events take place at various venues in the area or at a member's house. 

Q. My membership is up for renewal next month, but I'm not certain I'll have the time to be involved again. Can I let my membership lapse and come back later? 
A. Yes, but the officers must vote to allow you back into the chapter.

 Q. I'm interested in running for office. Can you tell me about the positions?
 A. Our Board consists of a president, secretary, treasurer, membership vice president, and administrative vice president. Officers are voted upon in May and have a short transition period before officially beginning on July 1. In addition to the officers, there are other moms who volunteer in appointed capacities.