Activities for Moms and Children

  • Monthly all-member meetings with discussions, socializing, and occasionally special guest speakers 

  • Get-togethers in parks, playgrounds, farms, museums, concerts, special children's events, and members’ homes 

  • Weekly playgroups 

  • Holiday parties/picnics 

  • Member-suggested programs and activities

  • Chapter members find out about upcoming MOMS Club® activities through a monthly emailed newsletter, and/or the MOMS Club Leesburg-North Facebook page

​Support for Moms

  • Moms' Night Out:  Monthly activity for just the ladies!  This evening can include anything from Pub Trivia, craft night at a member's home, going to a movie.  It will almost certainly involve food and laughter

  • Sunshine Committee (Take Them a Meal):  Whether a mom recently had a baby or is struggling with personal/family concerns, fellow moms sign up to bring their fellow mom in need a meal for her whole family

  • Facebook:  Need to know who the best pediatric dentist is in 20176?  Not sure how to start potty training?  Our Facebook page provides more than a listing of our activities, but a forum in which members can post questions and get some answers and support.

Community Service & Charity


  • Quarterly charity projects that benefit mothers and children in our region

    • Projects can be drives within the group, drives in the community, or financial donations (from member dues)

  • Members also participate in child friendly charity projects throughout the county

  • Members are encouraged to contact the President with ideas for charity projects/events